A moment of quietude

Nowadays, most care homes have a silent room, which offers the inhabitants a space to mourn their lost loved ones. And although these rooms offer a special place for grief, they often have a narrow approach to the subject. Remembrance and religion are the main topics these rooms tend to address. But for the people living in these care homes, the topic of loss is much broader than the loss of their loved ones alone. They are confronted with the loss of their old lives, of their independence and sometimes a part of their dignity.
In a moment of quietude, we look into what these rooms could offer the residents of care homes when we approach grief from a broader perspective. Through conversations with residents, mental caretakers, nursing staff, and psychologists, we get an insight into the needs of the people using the silent rooms. Through these findings, we create a space that not only offers the residents a place to remember their lost loved ones but that gives space for reflection.
With an ever-growing group of people of age, now, more than ever, it is time to look at medical care in a holistic way. To make sure that they have the space to deal with grief and mourning in a dignified manner.

In Collaboration with: Studio Aline Gerards & Vitalis Woonzorg Groep
This project is made possible by: Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie